Lion Steel 2022-23 Events At-a-Glance

Below are the planned dates for curricular Lion Steel ensembles. Click on each event for further details, schedules, information, and important links.

Sep 12 (Mon, 2:30 – 4:30p): Mighty Dow Workshop in the Lion Steel Portable, anyone (optional)
Oct 6 – 7 (Wed – Fri, Friday concert 6p): 1st Quarter Concert w/Guest Liam Teague, EVERYONE REQUIRED
Oct 16 (Sun, 2 – 8p): Pan Groove @ Betton Hills Fall Fest, Pan Groove only (optional)
Oct 21 (Fri, 2 – 10p): Canboulay @ FSU, Canboulay only (optional)
Dec 8 – 10 (Thurs – Sat, 7p): PAWS, Canboulay only (required)
Dec 13 (Tues, 7pm): 2nd Quarter Winter Concert, EVERYONE REQUIRED

–> SPRING 2023 LETTER! <–
(All parents and students should read this!) 1/20/23


Feb 14 (Tues, 6 – 7:30p): Valentine’s Lime Dance/Party,
Canboulay, Bacchanal, Jouvert (required)
Day-of Schedule, Program, and Parent info HERE!
>>>TICKETS! ($5 for singles, $7 per pair/couple)<<<

Feb 18 (Sat, 7 – 11p): Panorama Finals, streaming live in the steel portable, anyone (optional)

Mar 1 (Wed, 6 – 7:15p) – 3rd Quarter Concert w/Guest Tracy Thornton, joined by Blue Steel (Matanzas HS) and Raa Advanced Steel (Raa MS), EVERYONE REQUIRED


Mar 31 – Apr 1 (Fri – Sat): FMEA Steel Band Festival @ Matanzas HS, Canboulay and Bacchanal only (required*) – Adjudicator Josanne Francis

Apr 20 (Thur, 6 – 8p; load truck at 3p, unload at Cascades at 4:00p): Lion Steel @ Cascades Park, Canboulay, Bacchanal, Jouvert (required), with LCSB “Stainless”

April 28-30 or May 5 – 7 (Fri – Sun): Steel, Piano, and Guitar trip to Jazz Fest, upperclassmen in Canboulay and Bacchanal only (optional), and parents

May 10 (Wed, 7 – 8:15p): 4th Quarter “Las Lap” Concert Celebration, EVERYONE REQUIRED, with LCSB opening

May 11 (Thurs, time TBA): Senior Awards, Canboulay and possible Bacchanal only

May 15 – 19: Lion Steel 2023 – 24 Auditions!

Kayleen Justus

Director of Steel Bands