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Canboulay (advanced honors steel orchestra)
Spring 2023 Repertoire:
Single Ladies – for Feb 14
Remember the Time – for Feb 14
What I Like About You – for Feb 14
Chocolate Love – for Feb 14
Been Caught Stealin’ (Pan Rocks version) – for Feb 14/Mar 1
Master of Puppets (Pans with Metallica) – for Mar 1
Master of Puppets (lead solo @ mm 126) – for Mar 1
Tom Sawyer (Pan Rocks version) – for Mar 1
Immigrant Song (Pan Rocks version) – for Mar 1
Pan in A Minor (Jit Samaroo/Renegades 1987) – for FMEA/Cascades
Pan in A Minor (Lion Steel 2013)- for FMEA/Cascades

F22 Repertoire
Hands Like Lightning (Liam young)
Hands Like Lightning (Northern Illinois University with Liam Teague 2014)
Hands Like Lightning (Elite Pan Consortium 2022)
Coffee Street (original Skiffle Bunch panorama version with Narell 1999)
Coffee Street (album quality audio, Calypsociation and Narell 2004)
Pan in A Minor (Renegades 1987 panorama version)

Bacchanal (advanced steel band)
Spring 2023 Repertoire:
As It Was – for Feb 14
My Girl – for Feb 14
No Woman No Cry – for Feb 14
Stand By Me – for Feb 14
Sunshine of Your Love – for Feb 14
Anti-Socialing – for Mar 1
Enter Sandman – for Mar 1
Tusk – for Mar 1
Special Brew (Ray Holman/Carib Tokyo 1991) – for FMEA/Cascades

F22 Repertoire

Jouvert (intermediate steel band)
Spring 2023 Repertoire:
All About that Bass – for Feb 14
What Makes You Beautiful – for Feb 14
Not A Care – for Feb 14/Mar 1
Dreams – for Feb 14/Mar 1
Baba ORiley – for Mar 1

F22 Repertoire
Rant and Rave

Moto Perpetuo

Beginning Steel Bands (1st and 3rd periods)
Spring 2023 Repertoire:
What I Like About You (first period) – for Mar 1
Sunshine of Your Love (third period) – for Mar 1
Desert Wind (first and third period) 
Get Busy (third period)
Rant and Rave (first period)

F22 Repertoire
Dis is How (original soca tune by Crazy)



LION STEEL 2021-22

Bacchanal! Here is the MIDI audio track for Erlking. Please listen to this as we study the piece.

Canboulay! Here is the MIDI audio track for Aeroplane. Please listen to this as we study the piece.

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First Survey on “Rehearsal Flow” LINK HERE

Second Survey on “Rehearsal Flow” LINK HERE

Fall 2021 Media

I’ll post some videos and audio of the pieces we are playing this year. They’re grouped together for each band and I’ll add more as we go.

FALL 2021 CONCERT (side view of stage) – Bacchanal, 3rd, Jouvert, 5th, Canboulay

Unedited, full concert (unfinished – missing Bacchanal and other edits)



Our panorama tune for Virginia Beach ’22. This performance is Phase II playing at Panorama Finals in 1997 with Len “Boogsie” Sharpe. A classic, very difficult chart based on this classic soca by Denyse Plummer.

The Passage

Performance by Andy Narell and the Trinidad All Stars in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 2007. Not only is this a great example of how we want to play this chart, it also gives a rich, behind-the-scenes look at Carnival in Trinidad. Also, the video was shot and edited by Andy’s wife, Anita Bonan.

Sing Ram Bam

This is the original/classic soca version by Winston Peters (“Gypsy”) for the Calpyso Monarch competition in 1987. The vintage performance footage is really worth watching. And you can hear the same themes from the chorus/hook and verse in the version we are playing.

Hard Times

Here is the Cal State Long Beach Steel Orchestra playing the tune with a full Brazilian samba bateria. We could do this at Leon – we have many of the samba instruments. Maybe we could interest some drum line members to collab with us for a performance of this tune…

Fit for a Straight Jacket

Hard hitting, challenging, groovy chart by Tracy Thornton. Here is Canboulay in 2015 playing it (with Victor Provost on Tenor, center left front row with the beanie).


“The Erlking” is a German lied (for one voice and piano) by Franz Schubert. One of the former Lion Steel directors, David Knapp, arranged this for Canboulay in 2006 and this is the video of them playing it. You might even spot Mr. Fassig playing doubles! We’re gonna try it this year, probably crank the tempo a bit faster, and consider it for one of the VB selections.

Selenium Forest

This is a rockin’ guitar ballad by guitarist Plini (Halcyon). Ian G arranged this for steel band and we’ll play his arrangement for the December concert.


“Señor Mouse”

This will be our opening tune for the Canboulay part of the October 6th concert. It is an arrangement of a jazz composition by Chick Corea (piano) and Gary Burton (vibes) for steel band meant to be a kind of heady, rhythmic jam with some fun soloing opportunities. We may or may not use drum set/engine room (meaning it might be pans-only). Here is an example of a pianist and vibe player working the original chart.


Jump Up

The first track on the Miami University Steel Band’s album One More Soca (2003).

Summer Song

Incredible, smokin’ performance of this tune by the Northern Illinois University steel band. Killer double seconds solo to set it off. Don’t sleep on this one!

Plenty Lovin’

Soulful, note-y arrangement of the 1990 Ray Holman panorama tune for Carib Tokyo steel band. Here is another beautiful example of this tune, with the composer playing the themes (and soloing over the chords) on double seconds.

Fire Down Below

The panorama tune for this band for Virginia Beach. This is Phase II playing Boogsie’s arrangement for the first time in 1989. The Trinidadian soca artist Glenda Ifill from the 1980s/90s recorded this popular track that the Panorama arrangement is based on.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” (movement 1, Allegro)

This is the Vienna Philharmonic playing the version we will play. Like in the video, we wont play with any percussion or drum set. We’ll play it just a smidge faster, but our goal is to play with the same expressive detail (crescendos, dynamic nuances, etc) you can here in this performance.


Rant and Rave

So, here is the full panorama performance of the chart we are playing. This is the Renegades playing the competition version in 1991. You’ll hear themes you recognize after the really crazy introduction and throughout the piece, interspersed with lots of other music that isn’t in the version we are playing. Maybe we can play the full version one day…

Zig Zag

Here is an advanced high school steel band playing this chart (quite expertly) in 2019. Notice their warm and balanced sound, even during the most exciting parts of the tune. Our goal for this tune is to sound like this band.

Dain Brammage

A perfect introduction to the hard rock pan style of Tracy Thornton. This is his group – Pan Rocks! – playing it at PASIC in 2015.

“Confusion Reggae”

Big People Party

This is the steel band arrangement of the classic 2014 Farmer Nappy soca, “Big People Party.” Notice that the riffs, chord progressions, hook, and other musical themes from the Farmer Nappy original tune are replicated in the steel band arrangement (just like in a Panorama based on a popular soca tune). The steel band playing it in the first example is the Desperadoes – one of the most winning (large category) Panorama bands in its history.

3rd Period

“Island Boy”

No Woman, No Cry

We are playing a steel band arrangement of Bob Marley’s classic reggae tune “No Woman, No Cry.” Here is a performance by Bob Marley and the Wailers from 1977.

5th Period

“Soca Jammers”

Get Busy

We are playing a steel band arrangement of Sean Paul’s 2002 dance hall/reggae hit “Get Busy” for our first concert.


All media listed below are listening/practice tracks from before 2021.

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Just for funsies:

Classic Calypso:

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