PAWS 2022 – Canboulay only

PAWS Details and Schedule Information

December 9th and 10th – 7p (Leon HS Auditorium)


Thursday, December 8th – Set-up and Dress Rehearsal

1st – 2nd period = Packing pans

2nd – 3rd period = moving pans to AUD

4th + 5th period = set up pans in AUD ***need as many Canboulay players as possible to aid with this (Dr. J will write you a pass/email to excuse you from classes that day/periods)

2:45p = Call time for Canboulay 

3:00p = Canboulay dress on Stage with Choirs

3:00 – 9:00p = Dress Rehearsal (entire time)

Friday, December 9th – PAWS Show Day 1

Canboulay meet in AUD during 2nd period to rehearse all 4 pieces

6:15p = Call time for Canboulay

7:00p Concert (dismissed after FINALE)

ATTIRE = Canboulay shirt, show-appropriate shoes/bottoms

Saturday, December 10th – PAWS Show Day 2

6:15p = Call time for Canboulay

7:00p Concert

****AFTER FINALE = EVERYONE Strike/Pack instruments, and store in the back of the AUD! – this is REQUIRED, do not skip (attendance taken)

Kyrie = everyone

Tony, Tony Chopper = Everyone

Greensleeves (Personnel TBD Monday, Dec 5th)

Heartland (Personnel TBD Monday, Dec 5th: Gabria, Nia)

Lion Steel Q2 Winter Concert

Our 2nd Quarter Lion Steel Winter Concert is coming up very soon, on Tuesday evening, December 13th! The concert will feature all 5 of our steel band classes (Canboulay – 2nd period, Bacchanal – 4th period, Jouvert – 5th period, and the 1st and 3rd period beginning bands) at Leon HS AND our Leon Community Steel Bands (Pans de Leon, Pandemonium, and Stainless) will be opening the show.

***All of the information, details, and schedule of events for this concert are attached here (click to access/download the document). Lion Steel parents and students and the members of the Leon Community Steel please read through this information very carefully and reach out to Dr. Justus ( or on Remind if you have questions.

This is a FREE concert, open to everyone, so please spread the word and come out to JUMP UP with us on Tuesday, December 13th!

The concert POSTER and PROGRAM will be attached here soon so that you can view it.

ALSO!! We want to LIVE STREAM this concert via our new YouTube channel so our family and friends from out of town can see us! BUT – We can’t do this without a minimum number of subscribers. Please link to our new YouTube channel and hit subscribe so we can live stream this show (and our future ones, too)! Thank you!

Lion Steel 2022-23 Events At-a-Glance

Below are the planned dates for curricular Lion Steel ensembles. Click on each event for further details, schedules, information, and important links. All events for the extra-curricular gigging group, Pan Groove, are not listed below.

1st Quarter

Sep 12 (Mon, 2:30 – 4:30p): Mighty Dow Workshop in the Lion Steel Portable, anyone (optional)

Oct 6 – 7 (Wed – Fri, Friday concert 6p): 1st Quarter Concert w/Guest Liam Teague, EVERYONE REQUIRED

2nd Quarter

Oct 16 (Sun, 2 – 8p): Pan Groove @ Betton Hills Fall Fest, Pan Groove only (optional)

Oct 21 (Fri, 2 – 10p): Canboulay @ FSU, Canboulay only (optional)

Nov 5 (Sat, 12 – 3p): Band Maintenance Day, anyone (optional)

Dec 8 – 10 (Thurs – Sat, 7p): PAWS, Canboulay only (required)

Dec 13 (Tues, 7pm): 2nd Quarter Winter Concert, EVERYONE REQUIRED

3rd Quarter

Feb 14 (Tues, 7p): Valentine’s Lime Dance, Canoublay, Bacchanal, Jouvert only (required)

Feb 18 (Sat, 8p – 12a): Panorama Finals, streaming live in the steel portable, anyone (optional)

Mar 1 (Wed, 6p) – 3rd Quarter Concert w/Guest Tracy Thornton, joined by Blue Steel (Matanzas HS) and Raa Advanced Steel (Raa MS), EVERYONE REQUIRED

4th Quarter

Mar 25 (Sat, 12 – 3p): Band Maintenance Day, anyone (optional)

Mar 31 – Apr 2 (Fri – Sun): FMEA @ Matanzas HS, Canboulay and Bacchanal only (required)

Apr 20 (Thur, 6p): Lion Steel @ Cascades Park, Canboulay, Bacchanal, Jouvert (required)

last weekend in April or first in May (Fri – Sun): Steel, Piano, and Guitar trip to Jazz Fest, upperclassmen only (optional)

May 10 (Wed, 6 – 9p): 4th Quarter “Las Lap” Concert Celebration, EVERYONE REQUIRED

May 17 (Wed, time TBA): Senior Awards, Canboulay and possible Bacchanal only

Welcome to Lion Steel 2022-23!

Hello Lion Steel Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2022-23 academic year! Please review the list below together and complete all of the steps as soon as possible. Reading the Welcome Letter and Syllabus is the first assignment AND all important information you need to know about participating in Lion Steel this year is included below:


  1. Welcome Letter and Syllabus
  2. Participation Agreement Form
  3. Pay Class Fee
  4. Medical Form
  5. Parent Volunteers
  6. How to Set Up Remind (students)
  7. Join Lion Steel 22-23 Parent Remind (parents, guardians, family, friends) – note you can also text “@lionsteel” to 81010


You can view our Lion Steel 2022-23 Events on this website, on the Leon Performing Arts Calendar, and on the Leon HS Events Calendar.

I am so excited to make music with everyone during the upcoming school year – we’re going to make it another magical year for the Lion Steel Band Program!


Dr. Kayleen Justus

October 7th Concert with composer Liam Teague

–> PHOTOS – PHOTOGRAPHER (high resolution image files)


–> VIDEO – VIDEOGRAPHER (HD video files)
–> VIDEO – *new* YouTube playlist for the Oct 7th Concert (note: more concert videos will be added daily)



About Our Guest: Professor Liam Teague (Laureate, Arts & Letters: Trinidad and Tobago, 2014)

– “Hands Like Lightning” Liam Teague with the Northern Illinois University World Steel Band (a taste of what you’ll hear at the concert!)
– Liam’s Website
– Professor Teague’s Northern Illinois University Biography
– Liam Teague’s Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence

>>>> Schedule of Events <<<<
(Parents, Students, and Friends)

General Admission (ages 18+) = $10
Student Admission (ages 6 – 18) = $5
Children 6yo and younger admitted free!
Raa steel band students please wear your steel band shirts to enter the concert free!

Concert and Performance Dates 2021-22

May 22ndAudition Results for Lion Steel 2022-23 Posted Here


October 6th – Fall 2021 concert (7pm, Leon HS auditorium)



Full Concert Recording

December 5th – Winter 2021 concerts (4p and 7p, Leon HS auditorium)

Program (4pm)
Program (7pm)
Personnel – Lion Steel
Personnel – Leon Community Bands

December 10 – 11 – PAWS concert (evening, Leon HS auditorium) – CANBOULAY/PAN GROOVE ONLY
*dress rehearsal Thurs Dec 9 from 3p – 6p*

March 10th – Caribbean Dinner (6p, Tallahassee Auto Museum)

Check out the Caribbean Dinner poster, program, and lists of bands and members HERE!

April 1stFMEA Steel Band Festival, Matanzas HS in Palm Coast, FL (Jouvert only)

April 21st - concert (6p, Cascades Park Amphitheater) - Lion Steel + Leon Community Steel + RAA Advanced Steel + FSU African Ensemble + Members of the LHS Color Guard!!
PHOTOS by Claire Timm photography - LIMITED TIME ONLY, please download and share (remember to tag @claire_timm_photography when you share on social media)

May 5th-8thVirginia Beach International PanFest (Canboulay and Bacchanal only)

May 14th – Lion Steel “Las Lap” Concert Celebration (4 – 6p, Leon HS auditorium) PROGRAM

May 16th – 20thAUDITIONS for 2022-23 Lion Steel (steel band portable, during school day)

May 18th – Senior Awards (6pm, Canboulay only)


4p – 5p move instruments

5:30p-5:55p play (3am Bounce, Iron Love, Hayloft, Aeroplane, Down the Hill)

6p – 6:15p strike instruments to Bus Ramp

6:15p – 7p return instruments to steel portable

Welcome to Fall 2021!

Dear Lion Steel Community,

Welcome to the new school year! My name is Kayleen Justus and I am the new Director of Steel Bands at Leon High School.  If you are reading this, you are about to become – or already are – involved in the world of pan (steel band). We are a very special music program: Leon HS is the only secondary school in Tallahassee with this unique curricular music offering and our steel band program is one of the most distinguished of its kind in the country. We are lucky to have such a supportive community and we are proud to be a part of the vibrant performing arts culture in Tallahassee since 1990.

During the 2021-22 school year, our steel bands will be presenting several on- and off-campus concerts and the advanced groups will again compete at the Virginia International Pan Fest in May 2022. Details about our performance calendar and other activities can be found at and right here on the Lion Steel website. I will be using this site, as well as FOCUS/Classlink, to communicate important information with you throughout the year. Browse the website now and check back frequently to get the latest news about our bands!

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions. If you’d like to know a little bit more about me before we meet, you can check out my profile HERE (click on my image to read more).

Definitely check out and read through the digital copy of our 2021-22 Course Syllabus, but make sure to read, sign, and return the hard copy to me by the end of the first week of class.

**When you pay your class fee for steel band during the first week, you can either bring a check or cash to school (and I’ll write you a receipt) OR you can pay it online here.

I am so excited for the coming school year, and I look forward to making music with everyone!


Dr. Kayleen Justus

Director of Steel Bands

2020-2021 Advanced Band Rosters

Advanced Band Rosters


T- Aubrey Fisher

T- Nicole Marowski

T- Gianna Russell

T- Caleb Richards

T- Christian Alvis

T- Isaiah Clingerman

T- Isaiah Ramsey

T- Natalie Johns

T- Rachael Miller

T- Jafvert Reed

T- Gracie Reis

T- Lindsey Skeen

DT- Ella Baker

DT- Paige Keating

DT- Talia Kimelman

DT- Rachel Rawls

DS- Marina Navas

DS- Lilli Unger

DS- Kai Washington

DS- Eason Winton

DS- Chase Hopkins

G- Vincent Lewis

G- Charlie Sipple

G- Phil Prasse

G- Landon Foster

B- Nate Mock

B- Mathew Swanson


T- Suzanne Anstead

T- Yoel Beechy

T- Sanah Nabulsi

T- Shawn Brown

T- Briana Giaimo

T- Samantha Hight

T- Aysha Jaber

T- Cameron Martinello

T- Korbyn Riles

T- Shauniya Walker

T- Riley Branham

DT- Ian Guarraia

DT- Hannah Marsh

DT- Nia Morgan

DT- Max Mickles

DS- Caden Alvis

DS- Erik Harper

DS- Kiyle Gardner

DS- Isaac Branca

DS- Jordyn Richardson

G- Athena Baucum

G- Christian Laguins

G- Katelyn Shipley

G- Nathaniel Jean

B- Carter Perry

B- Eli Levine


T- Micah Black

T- Kendall Hartsfield

T- Alexandra Jones

T- Blair Hurst

T- Nathan Stephens

T- Piper Atkinson

T- Gabria Cottrell

T- Wren Lheureux

T- Colton Wasson

T- Aidan McArthur

T- Tikura Gamble

T- Landon Hartsfield

DT- Ansley Wiggins

DT- Myasia Braxton

DT- Rita Teal

DS- Haley Butler

DS- Sarah Grace Darsey

DS- Grace Dobbs

DS- Rebekah Smith

DS- Mason Neel

G- Gabriel Rodriguez

G- Adena Porter

G- Jonathan Dickinson

G- Donavan Shumate

B- Troy Najdowski

B- Zachary Sandell