PAWS 2022 – Canboulay only

PAWS Details and Schedule Information

December 9th and 10th – 7p (Leon HS Auditorium)


Thursday, December 8th – Set-up and Dress Rehearsal

1st – 2nd period = Packing pans

2nd – 3rd period = moving pans to AUD

4th + 5th period = set up pans in AUD ***need as many Canboulay players as possible to aid with this (Dr. J will write you a pass/email to excuse you from classes that day/periods)

2:45p = Call time for Canboulay 

3:00p = Canboulay dress on Stage with Choirs

3:00 – 9:00p = Dress Rehearsal (entire time)

Friday, December 9th – PAWS Show Day 1

Canboulay meet in AUD during 2nd period to rehearse all 4 pieces

6:15p = Call time for Canboulay

7:00p Concert (dismissed after FINALE)

ATTIRE = Canboulay shirt, show-appropriate shoes/bottoms

Saturday, December 10th – PAWS Show Day 2

6:15p = Call time for Canboulay

7:00p Concert

****AFTER FINALE = EVERYONE Strike/Pack instruments, and store in the back of the AUD! – this is REQUIRED, do not skip (attendance taken)

Kyrie = everyone

Tony, Tony Chopper = Everyone

Greensleeves (Personnel TBD Monday, Dec 5th)

Heartland (Personnel TBD Monday, Dec 5th: Gabria, Nia)

Kayleen Justus

Director of Steel Bands