Spring Concert Tonight!

Please come check us out for our final shows of the school year. Tonight at 4pm the first-year bands and our adult bands will entertain and at 7pm some of our most talented students will show it off together one more time.

Both shows are FREE, in Leon’s Auditorium and will be approximately 1.5 hours, The advanced bands will be featuring music from Jackson 5, Passion Pit, Aerosmith, Kelly Clarkson, ELO, Kansas, Youngblood Brass Band, Mozart and many more!!!

4pm Program
7pm Program

Virginia International PANfest – Champions

Congratulations are due to the Leon high school steel bands! Over the weekend they traveled to Virginia Beach for a national competition. The bands were judged by a panel of the foremost experts on steel band from the US and Trinidad. Bacchanal earned a score of 89.33 setting new personal bests for this group, while Canboulay band received a score of 96.33 (out of 100), and for the third time in school history, earned the top score of the entire day and was awarded the GRAND CHAMPION honor! CONGRATULATIONS LION STEEL!

Our first video clip of the band!

I hope you have been checking back in the dropbox link I posted below.  I’ve been adding photos each day… well today I just found a short clip of our band on youtube!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baDcw9VxJYs  (I’m in the back right somewhere near the drumset.)

We are gearing up to move the band to Port of Spain on Sunday for the big performance!!!

Keep visiting the dropbox for more pictures and stuff!

Concert Time!

Please make plans to come see all our great bands this SUNDAY at 4pm and 7pm. We’ll be at the Leon Auditorium and admission is FREE so bring the whole family! It’s a relaxed atmosphere, but we certainly intend to “wow” you with some very musically talented students!

The 4pm show will include music from our “Beginning Bands” and our Community Groups, the 7pm show will feature our Jouvert, Bacchanal, and Canboulay Bands. Each show will last approximately 1.5 hours.

We’ll also be releasing our CD/DVD from the 13-14 school year for those returning folks who are interested, so come out and see us!!!

First Week!

Well, we are into week 2 already and the bands are starting to take shape! The Canboulay, Bacchanal, and Jouvert bands are getting back in the swing and working on some great material for the October concert!  The first-year groups are also doing well as they all played some Baja and Marianne last week and made some great sounds.  This week they will be hitting basic musical notation and rhythm, as well as begin their first full-length songs!

Please check back often, I’ll be trying to send weekly updates about Lion Steel and what we are doing.

Please make plans to see us perform in our Fall show: Wednesday evening, October 29th, 7:00pm in our Leon Auditorium.  The show is FREE and open to the public!

Welcome Back! 2014-15

Hello again to all our Lion Steel family and friends, glad you found our new website!

As we approach the 2014-15 year, I’m happy to report the pan room is ready and it is time for another set of steel bands to grace the stage at Leon!  Believe it or not, we are approaching our 25th year at Leon and have grown AGAIN to a massive 7 students bands!!!  This means we have about 170 students involved and playing steel pan!  This year we also have a new addition to our staff: Shawn Fassig (Lion steel alumni!).  He is beginning a career in steel pan teaching and I can’t be more excited to have him along for the ride!

This brand new website of ours will continue to improve so please visit often!  Please take a minute to look around the website especially our YOUTUBE and PHOTO GALLERY tabs.

Mike Wendeln, director of Steel Bands