Officers and Duties

Tri-M Officers and Duties:


  • Presides over meetings of the Chapter
  • Prepares an agenda for the meetings
  • Representative and spokesperson of the Chapter, on and off campus
  • Facilitates formation of chapter goals
  • Completes an annual Chapter Summary Report
  • Provides motivation and encouragement to fellow officers and members

Vice President

  • Publicizes meeting and chapter activities
  • Schedules guest speakers with assistance from other chapter officers
  • Educates new members on the history of Tri-M
  • Helps organize the induction ceremony
  • Secondary representative of the Chapter, on and off campus


  • Records the chapter minutes
  • Handles correspondence for the chapter, including thank you letters and interactions with other Tri-M chapters
  • Reports chapter activities for the Chapter Summary Report


  • Maintains membership records
  • Prepares a chapter roster
  • Maintains the chapter’s financial records